Making Your Life a Heaven is an Inside Job.

A companion video series to the second edition of the book: You Can Make It Heaven and also the journal – Keys to Make My Life a Heaven.

These seven pre-recorded videos will give you a glimpse of what is takes for you to experience more loving and abundance in your life. When you live from your loving your life is fulfilling and divinely guided.

If you would like to learn the self-mastery tools to work these keys check out the self-guided video course: Wisdom School One: Building Your Wisdom Bridge. This six lesson course is self-paced so you can explore each lesson in your own timing. Also, Rebecca will set up three personal check ins with you to answer questions and support you along the way.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Key One: Heaven Is…
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    • Heaven is...
  • 02
    Key Two: You Don’t need Fixing, you need Loving
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    • You don't need fixing, you need loving.
  • 03
    Key Three: Wake up from the Knock at the Door
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    • Wake up from the knock at the door
  • 04
    Key Four: Get to Know your True Self
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    • Get to know your true self
  • 05
    Key Five: Create a Safe Place Within
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    • Create a safe place within
  • 06
    Key Six: Unmask Fear
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    • Unmask Fear
  • 07
    Key Seven: Choices
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    • Choices

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