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Cocreating heaven on earth is the answer to a long, forgotten prayer.

Therefore, the choice to enroll in the Heaven on Earth Wisdom School is a Soul choice. The Self-Mastery Wisdom School One teaches the foundational experiential practices that will set the stage for deeper expansive learning and experiences. The Self-Mastery Wisdom School One is taught in a virtual on-line format as a go-at-your-own-pace home study course. The course is delivered in 6 video and audio formats along with 22 handouts. Each recorded video takes you step by step through the teaching for that call and demonstrates each exercise thoroughly so you understand the process.
Cocreating heaven on earth is the answer to a long, forgotten prayer.

The Virtual Course includes four classes:

1) Building Your Wisdom Bridge between Your Human and Divine Realities:

You will learn your Spiritual Anatomy to enhance your connection to Divine Reality and awareness of subtle energies. You will experience an expanded heart center and greater inner trust with Self plus a knowing of yourself as a Divine Being. And you will learn the self-mastery tools to fill the gap between your human nature reality - which operates out of fear and lack, and your Divine Reality - which exists in a state of joy and loving.

2) Self-Mastery-Clearing the Clutter:

You will practice self-mastery tools that will assist you to release and clear old ancestral conditioning, family patterning, limiting beliefs, and habitual reactive emotional and mental responses. You will experience your body as a divine vessel for ease, flow, grace and light. And when you clear the inner clutter that no longer serves you, like cleaning the windshield of your car, your life becomes brighter, feels on purpose and sets you free of eons of suffering.

3) Aligning your Power and Purpose with Your Sacred Calling and Heaven Intention

You will discover how to embody and make choices from your purpose and your sacred calling.  This will assist you to discover the true Power of the Loving of who you are. You can then apply this power to all areas of your life.

4) Creating New Reference Points for Your Life

You will establish new reference points that will assist you in moving forward into your life as a multi-dimensional being. You will experience your Divinity replacing your ego/personality as the center of who you are. And you will know what it means to be loyal to your True Self - that part of you that brings with it total self-awakening and self-fulfillment.

Course Curriculum

  • 01
    Before You Begin
    Show details
    • Course Guidelines and Agreements
    • Tell me about you…
    • Printable Binder Cover
  • 02
    Welcome to Wisdom School
    Show details
    • Welcome
    • Getting Started Packet
    • Getting Started
    • Getting Started Video #1
    • Getting Started Video #2
  • 03
    Lesson 1 Giving Up the Games
    Show details
    • Intro to Giving Up the Games
    • Giving Up the Games
    • Exercise #5 - Limiting Games
    • Exercise #6 - Self Mastery Project Pre-Survey
  • 04
    Lesson 2 Compassionate Listening
    Show details
    • Compassionate Listening
    • Compassionate Listening
    • Exercise #7 - Compassionate Listening
  • 05
    Lesson 3 Unmasking Fears
    Show details
    • Unmasking Fears
    • Unmasking Fears
    • Exercise #8A - Laws of Fear
    • Exercise #8B - Unmasking Fear
  • 06
    Lesson 4 Living As Soul (Bonus Recording)
    Show details
    • Living As Soul
    • Exercise #9 - Highest Good
    • Exercise #10 - Growth, Expansion and Revelation
  • 07
    Lesson 5 (Call #4) New Reference Points
    Show details
    • New Reference Points
    • Exercise #11 - Old Blueprint, New Blueprint
    • Exercise #12 - New Reference Points
    • Exercise #13 - Visioning My Heaven Intention
  • 08
    Lesson 6 (Call #5) Loyalty to the Self
    Show details
    • Loyalty to the Self
    • Exercise #10 - Growth, Expansion and Revelation
    • Exercise #14 - Clearing Misplaced Loyalty

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*Please Note

Enrolling in Wisdom School One is a life time access. After you complete Wisdom School One you can revisit the lessons and exercises anytime you would like. I highly recommend repeating Wisdom School One for each time you cycle through you will release more of the clutter that no longer serves you.

Because enrolling in Wisdom School One is perpetual there are NO REFUNDS for your enrollment fee.