A companion course to the book: You Can Make It Heaven

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This pre-recorded course by Rebecca gives you experiential processes and meditations that introduce you to 6 personal powers that can assist you to begin living your life masterfully -  from the loving and abundance of who you are.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Chapter One: Personal Power – Creative Visioning
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    • Personal Power - Creative Visioning
  • 02
    Chapter Two: Personal Power – Letting Go
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    • Personal Power - Letting Go
  • 03
    Chapter Three: Personal Power – Compassion
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    • Personal Power - Compassion
  • 04
    Chapter Four: Personal Power – Your True Self
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    • Your True Self
  • 05
    Chapter Five: Personal Power – Unmask Fear
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    • Personal Power: Unmask Fear
  • 06
    Chapter Six: Personal Power – Choice
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    • Personal Power: Choice